Is Your Problem Your Boss?

Tip98Over the years, I’ve had countless executives come up to me after workshops with the following question: “What do you do if your boss is your time management problem? He/she interrupts me all day long.” My answer is: “You don’t have a time management problem; you have a communication problem!” So, here’s the tip.  Read More >

When trying to find solutions to interruptions, first find the underlying cause. That includes your boss. Sit down with your boss, communicate and get it resolved. Another executive complained, “When others in the office go on vacation, my boss dumps all of their work on my desk. Then I can’t get my own work done.” My response was, “What is the underlying cause?” Clearly it was a lack of cross-functional training in the department.

Chronic interruptions, including those from your boss, are symptoms of deeper problems. That’s why they can’t be fixed with something as superficial as body language. Find the underlying causes of your interruptions, fix them, and the problems will disappear.

Author Mark Woods

Mark Woods is a successful entrepreneur, author, business owner, motivational speaker, and training consultant. He has a strong passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their true potential.

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