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3 Priorities

List your top three priorities for today, your must do’s.

7 Activities

List up to seven additional activities you plan to accomplish.


Mark each task as done, started, delegated, or deleted.

Keep Score

At the end of each day, rate your performance and productivity.

The challenge with apps

If your smartphone is anything like mine, it’s a digital graveyard of productivity. There are hundreds, if not thousands of apps that promise to make you work smarter, better and even faster.

The reality is, smartphones are great for capturing thoughts, ideas, and todo’s, but not so much at helping us put those things into action.

Instead of looking for a “better” app, focus on building better habits first.  Want to improve your productivity?  Build a better routine.  Cards help you plan, prioritize and focus on your most important activities.



For today’s activities you plan to execute.

Catch All

For future activities that need to be done.

This Week

For objectives, events, and deadlines.



At the beginning of each day, list your top three priorities and up to seven activities on a Today card. Estimate the time it will take to complete each activity.  The back of the card is a dot grid you can use for notes, jotting down ideas and reminders.

At the end of each day, evaluate your performance. Rate your productivity and time estimates—carryover any unfinished activities onto a new Today card or transfer to a Catch All card.

Catch All

The Catch All becomes your master activity list—one place for all future and activities you plan to execute. You can keep one list or divide activities into categories and projects.

Use the Catch All cards to fill out your Today cards. The Catch All continues on the back for a total of twenty-eight activities.

This Week

Use this card to identify your top three objectives for the week: list priories, important meetings, events, and deadlines. The back of the card has a dot grid you can use for notes, jotting down ideas and reminders.


Every day needs a plan

Cards don’t replace your digital tools.  If you use an electronic calendar like Outlook or Google, you still will for your long-range planning, appointments, and on the go.

Cards are designed to simplify the daily planning process, giving you a distraction-free view of what you want to accomplish today, this week, and in the future.

Limited Prerelease

Cards will be officially released in 2021. We have a limited supply, order a sample stack before they are gone.

One Week

10 Today, 3 Catch All, 2 This Week
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Two Weeks

20 Today, 6 Catch All, 4 This Week
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