“Attack every day with purpose, be present, and do your best to live in the moment. Life is now, live it and enjoy the time.”

About Mark Woods



My Bio

Throughout my career I’ve held leadership roles with several organizations, implementing process management solutions to assist in new business development, branding, marketing, training, and client acquisition.

I’m a second generation time management expert and CEO of Woods Group Incorporated, a training and business development firm specializing in personal and professional productivity.

Prior to starting Woods Group, I was President of Trapper Woods International established in the late 90’s as the exclusive time management training partner for the Day-Timer Corporation, a subsidiary of ACCO Brands and premier planning tool.

For 23 years we worked closely with Day-Timer teaching their premier time management program, Time Power, based upon the original Charles R. Hobbs Time Power Seminar developed in the 1980’s.

In 2010 our book, Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You was published by Morgan James and I began facilitating 1/2 day workshops, breakouts and webinars around the country.

Based on the success of AYD™, we moved the book in 2012 to a new publishing house, “Financial Time Press” and launched an academic training program for colleges and universities. In addition, the book has been released in Polish and Chinese.

When I’m not speaking, you will find me “attacking” triathlons, skiing, or hiking in the outdoors.


Arizona Ironman, 2014.
A goal 5 years in the making. This picture was taken at the beginning of the run, following a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike. Only 26 miles to go!


My Story

I suppose my story is not much different than some of yours, or many we hear about. Throughout my career I’ve experienced big wins and big losses.

My biggest breakthrough came from three major events occurring simultaneously.  The loss of my father and business partner to cancer, divorce, and financial setback. I called it the big three. One of these events is enough to throw you off your axis, let alone three. Things were rough.

I think the one thing that is different about my story is how  I responded.

As one who has spent years teaching time management and personal productivity I realized that my challenge would be to learn how to dance while the rug was being pulled out from underneath me.

If I were to select one word to describe how I felt it would be perplexed. “How could this be happening to me, at this point in my life, I’ve worked so hard?”

I knew I had to make a decision. Will I accept the present state of my life, defeat? Or will I reboot, get focused on what matters most and chose a different path, one that is full of possibility limited only by my imagination. I chose to overcome adversity in the midst of my own chaos.

I’m the author of my life, it’s my story and I’m writing it! What about you? What’s your story? Is your life what you want it to be?

If not, then I invite you to join me and together we’ll develop your attack plan so you can have the life you want and deserve.