It's about time

Today, tools and resources are abundant, all designed to save time, improve productivity, and balance our lives. Yet, we still find ourselves in a constant cycle of overwhelm, stress, and frustration.

The real problem is not time itself, but rather our perception of time. We underestimate the value and impact of time on our lives and those around us. We dismiss time as though we have an infinite amount until we don’t.

If you constantly run out of time before you run out of things to do, then this book is for you.

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Attack Your Day!

It's a way of life. It's your attitude, ambition, determination. It's personal. Attack Your Day is intentionally making the best use of our time for a balanced and more productive life.

Three Gifts

Each day we are given three incredible gifts. The gift of time, without which activities cannot be executed. The gift of personal energy, essential for doing activities. The gift of choice, to determine what activities we will do.

Five Skills

To maximize these amazing daily gifts, the following skills must be implemented. Choosing, tracking, arranging, flexicuting, and the skill of focus. These skill will help you stress less, avoid overwhelm, and deal with interruptions.

Productivity Tips

The remainder of the book is 101 quick productivity tips for fast, useful, and practical applications. Use these tips to tackle your daily productivity struggles and to improve the overall quality of both your work and your personal life.

Time, Energy, Choice

I have been talking about time since 2002, that’s when I joined the family business. Back then, Trapper and I worked exclusively with Day-Timer, the original paper planner made famous in the 1980’s. Trapper was known as “Father Time” and I jokingly was often referred to as “son of time.” Fast forward to 2010.

It was approximately three weeks before my father passed away from cancer when we received the book’s first copy. We were working hard to finish it; we both knew we were running out of time. He opened the book to a random page and began to read. “Three incredible Gifts. Getting down to the basics, you need to realize that each day we are given three incredible gifts. They are the gift of time, without which activities cannot be executed. The gift of personal energy, essential for doing the activities. The gift of choice, to determine what activities we will do.”

He took a long pause, with tears in his eyes, said, “Cancer has taken all three gifts from me.” Three weeks later, on his birthday, he passed away.

I think about this often. When asked what’s the best advice I can give someone about time, it’s simply to not let time pass you by.

Father Time

Trapper (1935-2010) enjoyed a career that spanned more than 40 years in the retail and service industry. In 1986 he joined Dr. Charles R. Hobbs to be one of his Time Power seminar facilitators. Soon after, Hobbs sold his company to Day-Timer, where he solidified his interest in the subject of time. Through the Day-Timer connection, he traveled 2.5 Million miles working with 350 corporations and organizations. During his time, he influenced tens of thousands of people worldwide, known as “Father Time.”

A professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Trapper was the recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the speaking industry’s international measure of professional platform skills. For 23 years, Trapper was a speaker and a leading spokesperson for Day-Timer. His engaging style resulted from his fundamental belief in the goodness inherent within each person and the value of diversity.

*This is a picture a Trapper and me when I was just five years old back when we had nothing but time.

Attack Your Day targets your internal toolbox and provides you the awareness that times have changed. Tactics anyone can benefit from.

Loren Simpson, COOLondon bridge Trading Co.

This book is a great for entrepreneurs, small businesses, big business, students, moms and anyone simply looking to be more efficient with their time.

Rick Hall, PhDProfessor, Arizona State University

Attack Your Day is an innovative, practical approach to managing time for people with too much to do! It revolutionizes time management into real-wold activity management.

Elizabeth Chappel, PMP, CSMEngineer Senior Project at Honeywell

An easy process that reaps huge benefits! Every student, faculty member, and every administrator would see their productivity escalate and stress reduced by just practicing these five skills.

Gena WikstromRetired, NW Career Colleges Federation

A primer for someone learning to utilize their time wisely and a refresher for those who want to fine-tune their skills. Improve the quality of your time.

Gale S. Pollock, Major GeneralMajor General, United States Army, Retired

This book is filled with nuggets of wisdom! Attack Your Day delivers a unique and practical approach to activity management for a more productive life.

Greg S. ReidBest Selling Author, Three Feed From Gold