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Avoid being overwhelmed. Learn to deal with interruptions, and enjoy your best life!


Today, we have more events and activities to manage than ever before. To maximize our time, we need to be great at implementing five activity management skills.


This book is great for entrepreneurs, small business, big business, students, moms, and anyone simply looking to be more efficient with their time.

Rick Hall, Professor, Arizona State University

Attack Your Day is an extremely good book with practical ideas that you can quickly implement. Enjoy!

Book Hawkon, Amazon Reader

This is the best time management book I have ever read! I highly recommend this for anybody. Easy to implement strategies.

cdgrieron, Amazon Reader

This is an excellent time management and time planning resource! I will refer back to this frequently, and plan on starting this system right away.

Pamela Harrison, Amazon Reader

Attack Your Day! is both a primer for someone learning to utilize their time wisely and a refresher for those who want to fine-tune their skills. Improve the quality of your days and your focus with the authors’ techniques.

Gale S. Pollock, Major General, US Army, retired

Book Contents


Activities Rule! Not the Clock

Don’t Be a Slave to Time
Activities Rule
Activities Are Never Neutral
To Be a High Performer
Three Incredible Gifts


Prioritize, Color Your Choices

The Art of Choosing and Refusing
Get What You Want
Predetermine and Anticipate
Create, Then Do
Color Your Choices
STOP! Do Now
GO! The Majority of Your Day
NO! Don’t Even Think About It


Carry Your Time In Buckets

Fine-Tune Your Tools
Keep It Simple
The Monthly Calendar
The Most Important Appointment
The Catch-All Bucket
The Daily Bucket
The Memory Bucket
The Fingertip Data Bucket
The Communication Bucket


Time to Arrange Your Plate

Think Inside the Box
Because You Are Worth It
Five Time The Outcome
Easy as One, Two, Three
What’s on Your Plate Today?
For Best Results


Don’t Just Execute, Flexicute!

Learn to Turn on a Dime
The Newest and Best Survival Skill
Be Where You Are
Use Your Own Style


The Hocus Pocus of Focus

Make Time-Wasters Disappear
You First
Focus Breakers
Be Strong
Improving Your Life Quality
Get What You Want


101 Productivity Strategies

Tips and Techniques for Results
Leverage Your Mind
How to Deal with Overwhelm
How to Avoid Time Crunches
Best of Both Planning Times
Accelerate Your Productivity
Thank Goodness for Interruptions



Meet The Authors

Mark Woods


My mantra. Attack everyday with purpose, do what matters most. My purpose. To inspire people into action through stories, skills, and techniques so they can enjoy happy and fulfilled lives. You can achieve anything in life.  

First, choose what you want. Commit to it. Then attack it daily.  AYD™ will help you get back to basics. Through simple techniques you can learn to make better choices, focus on what matters, and achieve consistent productivity.

“Attack your day isn’t training, it’s a lifestyle.”

Trapper Woods


Trapper (1935-2010), enjoyed a career that spanned more than 40 years and was also known as “Father Time.” A professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Trapper was the recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the speaking industry’s international measure of professional platform skills.

For 23 years, Trapper was a speaker and a leading spokesperson for Day-Timer, a subsidiary of ACCO Brands Corporation. His engaging style is the result of his fundamental belief in the goodness inherent within each person and the value of diversity.

Work-life motto. Have Faith, it will sustain you. Plan Carefully, it’s essential. Simplify Life, get rid of stuff. Lighten Your Load, toss mental baggage. Be Strong, because you are. Experience Nature, it’s God’s medicine.