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Is Your Problem Your Boss?

By Productivity, Productivity Tips

Tip98Over the years, I’ve had countless executives come up to me after workshops with the following question: “What do you do if your boss is your time management problem? He/she interrupts me all day long.” My answer is: “You don’t have a time management problem; you have a communication problem!” So, here’s the tip.  Read More > Read More

Why are French workers more productive than Brits?

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The French have a wonderful proverb: “If working hard made you rich, donkeys would be covered in gold.” The good people of France appear to mean what they say by working fewer hours and taking more holidays than their peers across the Channel. What’s surprising is not the joie de vivrewhich this working culture appears to reflect, but that the country’s overall productivity is higher than the UK, where people put in longer hours on lower wages.

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4 ways any organization can increase productivity – Tip

By Productivity, Productivity Tips

Most would agree time is our most precious commodity. Why then do so many organizations pay so little attention to its use? Here are four things any organization can do to increase productivity:

1. Heighten the value of time in the minds of all members by talking about it in meetings and all areas of communication.

2. Teach time management skills to all members and require them to use a time management system.

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