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Copy Don’t Execute, Flexicute!

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You’ve arranged the order for accomplishing the day’s activities, and you begin to work your plan. But you know, however (because you’ve done a reality check), that your day will not go exactly as you planned it.

On a typical day, you can expect to get caught in the crossfire of interruptions, the unexpected will bubble up, and demands will fall out of the sky at inconvenient times. Flexicuting will be required.

Events are so fluid in today’s work environment that we have to change, adapt, and shift our focus all day long. Flexicuting involves the ability to:


Having a Hard Time Ending an Overlong Call?

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Interrupt yourself! Try this. First, gain control of the conversation. Then in the middle of a sentence, abruptly stop talking, glance at your watch, and mention the time in an urgent manner. For example: “Oh! It’s three-fifty! I need to get going.” That’s all it takes.

Notice the technique. It’s honest and not threatening because it’s never rude to interrupt yourself. Plus, it puts you in control. It breaks the conversation politely so you can be on your way.

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. – Albert Einstein

Another 70.3 Ironman in the books

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Mark Woods Ironman Arizona 70.3 2015

Today I learned another valuable lesson on the importance of nutrition, consistent training, and above all mental toughness. In every race and I suspect it’s the same for every Ironman you have to break through a mental wall, a barrier that pushes you past the pain propelling you to the finish line. Today I couldn’t break through, but finished. My coach said, “did you have fun?” Yes, I did. In the end that’s what matters when you are doing something you enjoy.

Why are French workers more productive than Brits?

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The French have a wonderful proverb: “If working hard made you rich, donkeys would be covered in gold.” The good people of France appear to mean what they say by working fewer hours and taking more holidays than their peers across the Channel. What’s surprising is not the joie de vivrewhich this working culture appears to reflect, but that the country’s overall productivity is higher than the UK, where people put in longer hours on lower wages.

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Recommended Apps

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It’s tough to decipher through the hundreds of planning, calendar, notes, and to-do list apps that are available today.

Apps are deigned to help us stay organized, feel in control, get more done, ultimately improve our productivity and performance. HA! 

Here are some of my favs