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The Big Idea?

Attack Your Day…Before It Attacks You

When: Mon & Wed
Times: 3 pm & 7 pm ET
Duration: 15 Minutes

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Who It’s For

Anyone that could benefit from a little more time. Those who will benefit the most are those who work from home have a hard time getting started, procrastinate, attempt too much, multitask, don't plan, lack structure, need structure, and easily distracted.




Most people jam an unrealistic number of activities into their day. We help you create structure to reduce the feeling of overwhelm.


Today people have more activities to manage than ever before in history. We help you reduce stress by making better choices of the activities you do

Always ON

We are wired twenty-four hours a day with hardly a chance to catch our breath. We help you prioritize and block activities for a happy and balanced life.

Getting Started

Sometimes all you need is a little push and accountability to get started. That's where we come in. Join us on Monday to learn how.

The Speaker

Mark Woods

Bottom line: “I’m just like everybody else. I struggle with time, technology, decision making, parenting, communicating with my partner, and balancing work-life. Yes, I get stressed, anxious, and have had my share of overwhelm and burnout over the years.  When I have those kinds of days, they are directly linked to one thing—my lack of planning, focus, and execution.”

Author of Attack Your Day, a thought leader on time. I have been talking about time since 2002, that’s when I joined the family business. Back then, Trapper and I worked exclusively with Day-Timer, the original paper planner made famous in the 1980s. He was Day-Timer’s time management expert, and was known as “Father Time.” When I met the executive team in the boardroom, one of them said,” you must be “son of time?” We all laughed, and the nickname stuck.

Fast forward nearly 20 years; times have changed, but time itself hasn’t. We still use the same calendar and the same clock, but the times we live in have changed. We are wired 24-7 trying to jam an unrealistic number of activities into our day.  In the end we wonder where the time went.   If you are tired, busy, or burned out, join me and together and we’ll solve your big time dilemma.