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Use your gift of time.

Allie Lo: While it comes with excellent recommendations from all kinds of CEOs, academics and motivators, it is what this ebook has to say to the ordinary person like myself that is the real key to its value. If we are unhappy with how we are navigating our way through life, this ebook sets out to show us how to organize ourselves better.

Simple, yet effective strategies.

Love to Read: The new time management isn’t TIME management at all; it’s ACTIVITY management, and balance. This book offers a new way to look at time management, and it’s easy! There are some tried and true strategies offered, but there are also lots of new ideas.

Quick and practical.

Brian K: Quick read, it’s practical stuff that works. I own my own business, have a family and kids that demand time so I’m always on the go. I really liked the skill of “flexicute” and realizing that I spend most of my day multi-tasking. My Smartphone seems to run my life! I’m always connected and doing several things at once.


EA Attack Your Day offers practical advice in a very readable form. This book helps the reader to make application of the principles for life management AND the advice is straightforward and easy to follow. In today’s business world, we need to be informed and flexible, able to “flexicute” and “turn on a dime.”

Attack Your Day!

Tom Mc: This book pulled me back to reality and helped me to be more productive. I have used a Day-Timer for years and still do, but “Attack Your Day” helped me see my poor scheduling habits that kept me drowning in details, busy work, and interruptions. This book shows practical ways to organize to your goals and personality. It speaks to the whole person who wants to succeed in work and family. I’ve recommended it to many friends.

Useful, practical time managing ideas.

Durango: Usually when I read books it takes awhile to find ideas I can implement right away that actually make an immediate impact. Mark, you challenge the reader in your book to try ideas right away. Well, I did! I’ve accomplished more in the past few days than I usually do in a week just by your simple yet powerful exercise on choosing!

A valuable book!

Book Hawk: I read a lot of time management books…a lot! Some are bad, some good, and some extremely good. Attack Your Day is an extremely good book with practical ideas that you can quickly implement. The “101 Productivity Strategies” at the end of the book is worth the price of the book! Buy the book…get your highlighter ready and begin to learn. Enjoy!

Valuable advice, simple to implement.

Anatoly: I’ve read it 3 times, absolutely enjoyable reading. Already implemented main ideas and they work perfect for me. Many books best practices but this book brings them into a system that works pretty well for me. Dear Mark, thank you very much.