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Prepare students for success as they adjust to academic life while juggling work, family and school.


Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You

Course Format

STUDENT ON-BOARDING: Prepare students with simple and practical productivity habits to avoid overwhelm and get things done. We customize “PUSH” content based on your students needs. See example below.

ON-DEMAND: A great solution for students to access help, on their time. This self-paced training program consists of 4+ hours of video/audio content.

IN-SERVICE: Faculty training and development. Content is presented through engaging lectures, group discussion, individual and team exercises.

COURSE INTEGRATION: Blend Attack Your Day methodology with existing courses.

Learning Topics

Ridiculously easy skills to navigate time for greater productivity. Participants will learn:

  • 5 skills for effective activity management
  • A system to write and achieve goals
  • Tools for work-life-school integration
  • Essential productivity strategies


Training is personalized to meet the needs of each organization.  Presentations incorporate real examples that your students and faculty face on a daily basis.

Example of PUSH Content

Excite and motivate your students with short videos tips, techniques, and suggestions by email.

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    Type of Training
    Faculty DevelopmentStudent SuccessBoth Faculty & Students

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    Under 5051-150151-250250-500Over 500

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