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80% of time management problems are self-imposed

By Productivity Tips, Time Management


Many feel that eighty percent of their time management problems come from others when, in reality, eighty percent are self-imposed.

There are at least twenty self-imposed habits that cannibalize time. Here are four examples: unwilling to say no, attempting too much, procrastination, and insufficient planning. Do you own any of these?

The good news is we can control self-imposed time wasters with practice and discipline. Remember what we were told as children: “When we point our finger at somebody else, there are four pointing back at us.”

Control the four time wasters mentioned above and other self imposed problems, and you’ll be an incredible time manager. Then other people won’t be your problem!

Use a talk file to avoid interrupting others – Tip

By Interruptions, Productivity Tips, Time Management

One of the best time management tips I ever learned was the use of a “talk file.” If you communicate with a number of people on an on-going basis, you could label an index tab in your planning tool “talk file.” Then put a sheet of paper in that section for each person with whom you communicate.

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4 ways any organization can increase productivity – Tip

By Productivity, Productivity Tips

Most would agree time is our most precious commodity. Why then do so many organizations pay so little attention to its use? Here are four things any organization can do to increase productivity:

1. Heighten the value of time in the minds of all members by talking about it in meetings and all areas of communication.

2. Teach time management skills to all members and require them to use a time management system.

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