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Reduce overlong telephone calls 30%

By Productivity Tips

According to one long-distance carrier, the average unplanned telephone call lasts an average of ten minutes. A planned phone call lasts only seven minutes. So how long does a “carefully” planned phone call last? I believe telephone time can actually be cut in half when the call is carefully planned. Here’s how:

Before dialing:

  • Clarify the purpose of the call
  • Create a simple agenda
  • Establish a stop time

Then, make the call and stick with it. You save money. You save your time, and you save the other person’s time too! They will appreciate it and be impressed with your professionalism.

Priority Matrix APP

By Apps, Productivity


+ Prioritize task using 4-quadrants
+ Drag and drop
+ Prioritize with color (AYD Methodology)
+ Email projects/summary/reports
+ Integration with Outlook
+ Dates, deadlines tracking
+ Sync

AYD Methodology Compatible: YES
BUCKET: #3 (Refer to AYD Chapter 3)
Available Platform: iPad, iPhone, Mac & Window
Used For: Activity management, projects