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Is Your Problem Your Boss?

By Productivity, Productivity Tips

Tip98Over the years, I’ve had countless executives come up to me after workshops with the following question: “What do you do if your boss is your time management problem? He/she interrupts me all day long.” My answer is: “You don’t have a time management problem; you have a communication problem!” So, here’s the tip.  Read More > Read More

Take a Break From Time Management

By Productivity Tips

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Looking for answers? Too much structure and minute to minute intensity can actually shut down the creative portion of your brain from where answers come. Plant the question with which you are struggling in the back of your mind, and then forget it for a while. Lighten up and take some time off. Do something you really enjoy doing. Sleep on it.

As you relax, your subconscious will be freed up and keep working for you. The answer will come when you least expect it, sometimes at three in the morning. When it comes, write it down fast so it doesn’t slip away.

Use a talk file to avoid interrupting others – Tip

By Interruptions, Productivity Tips, Time Management

One of the best time management tips I ever learned was the use of a “talk file.” If you communicate with a number of people on an on-going basis, you could label an index tab in your planning tool “talk file.” Then put a sheet of paper in that section for each person with whom you communicate.

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Self-Delegation Is a Time Tactic Many Overlook

By Productivity Tips

We know delegating to others improves efficiency, but so does delegating to ourselves.

How do we delegate to ourselves? Batch a bunch of like tasks that you would delegate to another if you could, such as processing mail, filing, or other busy work. Schedule a specific time period to get it done and grind it out at that reserved time. Make a game of it! See how fast you can do it. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when we delegate to ourselves.