A Daily Ritual

Build an effective habit of planning your day. Prepare to win the day, every day.


Sometimes all you need is a little push and accountability to get things done.
Join Attack Your Day

Meet Your Accountability Partner

9:00 am

Identify your focus. Choose your top three priorities for the day.

1:00 pm

2 minute check in. Regroup and focus on your priorities. You got this!

5:00 pm

5 minute review. Review today's performance. Identify what went well, and plan for tomorrow.

No app to download. We communicate through text, email, and live online events.

Monday Live

It's a mindset, an attitude, a way of life. Learn about it on Monday in 15 minutes.
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Forget the app. Go old school for one week and experiment with Cards on us!*
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Provide educators, parents, and students with the resources they need to help navigate time.