decision matters

Be intentional with your time

Make better choices of the activites you choose. Find more joy, improve efficiency, and experience balance at home, at work, in life.

Color Your Choices
Activity management

Manage your daily activity traffic

Make better choices. Just as with heavy traffic on the freeway, our daily activity traffic congests our day. We can manage this "activitiy traffic" with the same colors of a common traffic light.

The action

How it works



An interruption occurs, prompting you to switch activities. "A ding, text, call, or thought."



You pause momentarily and ask yourself the priority question: "what color is this?" Red, green, yellow, or gray.



You take immediate action based on the priority of the interruption or distraction. Stop, go, caution, or no.

practical application

How to use it

Bad decisions can be avoided when we pause, take a moments, determine the priority, then choose. Know when to stop, go, when to use caution, and when to say NO. Each color represents a different priority.

Traffic light

Distractions can be visual, auditory, and cognitive. For example, talking, texting, ambient noise, information overload, and mind wandering.

Traffic light

Intrusions (others), breaks, technology, and rumination are common interruptions. Examples include; calls, messages, notifications, and chat apps.

Traffic light
With Others

Coloring your choices is an effective way to prioritize meetings, conversations, emails, slack messages, and drop-in visits.

Circles of influence.

Not all activities matter equally

We can change the quality of our life by changing the activities we choose. Happiness and peak performance is when we align what we value with the activity.

The book

An easy approach to activity management

The problem is not time itself but our perception of time. We underestimate the value and impact of time on our lives and those around us.

We dismiss time as though we have an infinite amount. In this book you will discover five essential skills that can help you win the battle against time.

Attack Your Day Before It Attacks You Book Cover