the book

An easy approach to time

The problem is not time itself but our perception of time. We underestimate the value and impact of time on our lives and those around us.

We dismiss time as though we have an infinite amount. Discover five skills that can help you win the battle against time.

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Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You, updated and expanded edition coming 9/5/23
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What Readers Are Saying

A primer for someone learning to utilize their time wisely for the first time and a refresher for those who want to fine-tune their skills.

Gale S. Pollock

Major General
US Army, Retired

This book is great for entrepreneurs, small business, big business, students, moms, anyone simply looking to be more efficient.

Rick Hall

Assistant Dean, ASU Entrepreneurship & Innovint.

This is the best time management book I have ever read! I highly recommend this for anybody. Easy to implement strategies.


Verified Amazon Reader
What's Inside

Five Skills For Greater Productivity

Avoid being overwhelmed. In this book, you will learn fast, flexible, and easy solutions to navigate time for a happy, more productive life.


Decide which activities are most important to your success on a regular basis.


Take time in advance to decide when and how to execute activities to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.


Use tools and applications to maintain a running account of milestones in pursuit of your objectives.


Flexibly manage the execution of activities throughout the day to ensure you invest time on the right priorities.


Learn to say no to interruptions and distractions that are both self-imposed and team imposed.